Clamping heads – customized


We provide clamping heads in special design

  • with stepped bores
  • with jaws
  • with front part
  • with special slots etc.

Special designs are available regardless of the clamping head size. As is customary at Nann, we produce special clamping heads in the highest quality with the shortest possible delivery times.

Bore patterns:

  • smooth
  • grooved
  • according to customer preferences

The clamping heads are made from special spring steel. Where possible, by partial tempering, the hardness of the taper and the clamping bore is HRc 58 - 60. Attention: if a workpiece is only briefly clamped in a clamping head, the clamping head may have to be supported in the rear region of the clamping bore. For exchange or replacement of the clamping head, a special design of mounting fixture may be necessary. Conversions to very short deadlines from standard clamping heads from stock are possible any time, e.g.:

  • internal grinding
  • eroding etc.

Facts and figures:
Clamping heads in special designs are designed in the same way as the Nann standard clamping heads:

  • exchangeable rubber stops
  • thoroughly hardened
  • can be exchanged with all conventional clamping heads
  • high concentricity
  • high clamping force
  • high rigidity

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailor-made clamping devices for your requirements.