Collets with front parts

Whether deadlength or draw-back collets are
involved, we supply collets with front parts.

  • cylindrical front part
  • tapered front part
  • extended head, e.g. carpenter’s nippers

Bore patterns:

  • smooth or grooved
  • according to customers‘ wishes

Collets with front parts are very frequently used to support the workpiece requiring clamping, and to prevent disruptive contours with the collet and the chuck during processing.

In the case of collets with front parts, make sure not only that the workpiece to be clamped is clamped in the front part of the collet, but also that the clamping length fits the taper of the collet, otherwise the accuracy becomes markedly worse and the clamping force weakens. It is possible to integrate end stops into the collet at any time and, with workpieces that only need short clamping, to support the collet in the rear section of the bore, since during clamping of short workpieces the clamping bore tends to widen towards the front and only clamp effectively in the rear section.

If very high clamping forces are needed, this can result in the collet fracturing, either at the front part or the area around the spring. This is why these collets are frequently designed with reinforced springs, in order to prevent possible collet rupture in this region.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailor-made clamping devices for your requirements.