Collets with jaws

Whether deadlength or draw-back collets are involved, we supply collets with front parts. Collets with front parts are frequently used to prevent disruptive contours on the workpiece. These front parts are usually screwed into the clamping bore and can be changed by the customer when worn.

We manufacture jaws from:

  • polyamide
  • brass
  • aluminium

Note that when jaws are used, the amount of wear in the clamping bore is higher than when a collet without jaws is used.

Bore pattern:

  • smooth

Fixing of jaws:

  • with collar, with radial screws
  • with collar, with axial screws
  • without collar, with radial screws
  • without collar, with axial screws

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailor-made clamping devices for your requirements.