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Indexing units NTZ-31, 3-spindles with second axis

Based on the proven numerical indexing units of Type NTZ we manufacture special indexing units to suit your application precisely. In the indexing unit depicted below, 3 spindles have been integrated into a housing.

The spindles at the front are on spindle bearings, and on a grooved ball bearing at the back. Located between the bearings are the drive gear and the clamping system. This clamping system is hydraulically actuated and prevents distortion of the spindles if the automatic controller is switched off. Via an intermediate gearwheel respectively, the spindles are connected to each other and to the drive motor. The position of the individual spindles relative to each other is fixed ex works via a Spieth bushing.

The drive motor (Harmonic Drive) has a gear reduction of 1:100 and an integrated incremental encoder. It drives the first spindle via an intermediate wheel and thus all further spindles. Part accuracy and repeat accuracy are determined by the gears and their play. The gear transmission ratio is chosen in such a way to eliminate offset via several spindle revolutions. The repeatability is thus very high. The spindles of the indexing unit are manufactured in standard design, the indexing unit has spring actuated collet clamping, and unclamping takes place hydraulically. The clamping system for spindle-clamping only has one hydraulic connection, so that all spindles are always clamped simultaneously. The complete indexing unit is on two bearing blocks and can be swivelled via a further servomotor (Harmonic Drive). This allows for a more efficient processing of workpieces.

We manufacture for you:

  • single- and multi-spindle indexing units
  • additional axes for swivelling of the indexing unit
  • spindle distance 75 mm
  • indexing via gears
  • spring-actuated collet clamping
  • use of standard collets
  • with or without spindle clamping
  • Harmonic Drive
  • indexing speed max. 40 rpm

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailormade clamping devices for your requirements.