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Multiple clamping devices with collet clamping attachments HESK or HESK-R

To realize multiple clamping devices, Nann offers collet clamping attachments of type HESK or HESK-R with hydraulic actuation. The collet clamping attachments of Type HESK-R have their own housing, while the Type HESK is suitable for installation in a customized housing.

Operating mode:
With the collet clamping attachments, the clamping sleeve is designed as a doubleaction cylinder and it closes and/or opens the collet. The collets are equipped with a shoulder and firmly screwed to the collet clamping attachments by means of a nut. The collet clamping attachments are distinctive for their very low structural mass and high clamping force. The collet is absolutely stationary and the clamping path requires no adjustment. Because of their design, the collet clamping attachments are extremely well suited to clamping short workpieces, and a stationary end stop, or a collet with stepped bore, can be mounted at any time. Normally the collets are exchanged from below, but if required the collet can also be exchanged from above.

The collet clamping attachments are used wherever clamping nests have to be realized in confined spaces. This applies to applications in mechanical engineering as well as in fixture construction. Collet clamping attachments are suitable for integration into stationary plates as multiple clamping pallets as well as rotary transfer tables. For setting up on rotary transfer tables, a controlled rotational feed is available that enables collet clamping attachments alone to be actuated at the loading and/or unloading station. The other collet attachments remain clamped. We provide customized multiple clamping pallets according to your requirements, completely mounted including baseplates or as individual collet clamping attachments with collets that you can mount on your own fixtures yourself.

Facts and figures:

  • for draw-back collets with threads or bayonet
  • also for clamping heads
  • compression-activated or tension-activated
  • hydraulically actuated
  • clamping pressure max. 80 bar
  • various sizes and clamping ranges

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailormade clamping devices for your requirements.