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Multiple clamping devices with collet clamping attachments HESK-R-SK for clamping heads

Apart from the proven collet clamping attachments of type HESK-R for draw-back collets, Nann also offers collet clamping attachments for clamping heads. We offer two different types of collet clamping attachments for the realization of multiple clamping devices, and any arrangement of these devices in a baseplate is possible.

In the first variant of collet clamping attachments type HESK-R-SK, the clamping head is drawn into the housing during the clamping procedure, and the clamping head closes as a result of the taper integrated into the housing. The axial movement of the clamping head creates a pulldown effect, desired in many cases, and the workpiece is pulled against the flat surface of the integrated end stop (optional).

In the second variant, the clamping head is axially stationary, and the clamping procedure is carried out using a moveable clamping sleeve which, during clamping of the workpiece, exerts an axial movement in the direction of the clamping head. An option stationary end stop can also be integrated on these machines.

The collet clamping attachments type HESK-R-SK feature a combination of all the benefits of the proven collet clamping attachments type HESK-R and those of the clamping heads.

Facts and figures:

  • for clamping heads
  • compression-activated or tension-activated
  • clamping head exchange via change fixture
  • stationary end stop integrated on request
  • hydraulically actuated
  • clamping pressure max. 80 bar

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailormade clamping devices for your requirements.