Nann services for clamping technology: Our service portfolio

Nann is your expert partner for a variety of services in the context of workpiece or tool clamping. Everything starts with successful customer communications. Whether it is about the development of specially adapted clamping devices or the repair or reworking of existing clamping devices: you can rely on our experience, great care and long-standing know-how.


Advice and competence for special clamping devices

We do know from long-standing experience, that the successful development and manufacture of special clamping devices requires expert and individual advice. Development and manufacture of special clamping devices have been our core competencies for a long time.

In dialogue with our customers we ensure to provide you with exactly the clamping devices you require. From simple special collets up to complex clamping and indexing units, you can rely on our great development and manufacture experience. Our in-house test area for functional tests of new clamping devices is another decisive advantage for you.



Reliable service for flawless clamping devices

Nann clamping technology meets the highest quality requirements. Flawless clamping devices are decisive for life span, precision and low-wear machining. We offer our repair service for all products, from simple collets to complex indexing units, to guarantee that you can use our high-value products in perfect condition. Take advantage of the optimum Nann clamping devices repair service to minimise malfunctions, wear and production rejects.



Our reworking service stands out due to high flexibility and our employees’ broad experience and competence. We offer the following services in the field of reworking:

Internal grinding

  • Internal grinding of in-stock or used collets fitted for immediate sizes or stepped bores within one day
  • Internal grinding of adapters and used pressure sleeves
  • Internal grinding of used spindles for extra-large pressure sleeves


  • Eroding of all kinds of profiles within a short time
  • Fast re-engineering of collets and expanding collets to special shapes of workpieces by eroding

Vulkanisation and siliconising

  • Sealing of collet slots or expanding collet slots with silicone against stain
  • Service also available for used collets within 2-3 days


  • Coating of clamping and feed collets using different methods: synthetic coating, carbide coating, DNC and TIN coating