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Special collet chucks for deadlength collets power-operated collet chucks

Nann manufactures special collet chucks for deadlength collets in various designs, and with different clamping ranges. Due to their favourable dimensions combined with their low tare weight, power-operated collet chucks are frequently used for direct installation. In contrast to conventional power-operated collet chucks of type KSF these collet chucks are not simply placed on the spindle nose but installed as far as possible inside the spindle.

These collet chucks are operated by means of a hydraulic or pneumatic clamping cylinder. Changing the collet takes place from the front, by loosening the tensioning nut without a tool changing device. These chucks are distinctive for their very easy handling and installation. We manufacture these collet chucks to customer drawings or our own designs in a very short time.

Facts and figures:

  • for deadlength collets or multiple-area clamping collets
  • for spindles with rotating hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder
  • various sizes and clamping areas
  • no axial offset of the workpieces
  • any holding fixtures

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailormade clamping devices for your requirements.