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Special collet chucks for double-taper collets power-operated collet chucks

We manufacture special collet chucks for double-taper collets in different designs with differing clamping areas. The collet chuck consists of a chuck body flanged with a fixture, e.g. a cylindrical flange or short taper, on to the spindle nose of the machine. Attachment using an intermediate flange is also possible. Two clamping tapers are ground into the chuck body, and the front clamping taper is held in axial direction with a union nut.

The double-taper collet is closed for workpiece clamping as follows: the rear clamping taper is pressed in the direction of the union nut with its draw-back rod pointing forward, and the two clamping tapers close the collet. For unclamping, the draw-back rod is drawn back again, and the double-taper collet then opens. On request, depending on the application, a fixed end stop can be attached. For replacement of the collet, the union nut has to be loosened, the front clamping taper can be pulled out, and the double-taper collet can then be removed. Collet chucks with doubletaper collets are especially suitable for clamping long workpieces and for clamping with high clamping forces.

We manufacture these collet chucks according to customer drawings or our own designs, within ultra-short deadlines.

Facts and figures:

  • for double-taper collets
  • for spindles with rotating hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder
  • various sizes and chucking ranges
  • high clamping forces
  • any fixtures

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailormade clamping devices for your requirements.