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Special collet chucks for draw-back collets plate spring clamping, adjustable clamping force

Nann produces rotating clamping fixtures for drawback collets with plate-spring clamping and adjustable clamping force. These collet chucks are specially made for mounting on a machine spindle and are distinctive for their compact design. They are especially suitable for the clamping of very short workpieces.

The draw-back collet is equipped with a bayonet, so replacing the collet is very fast and can be done from the front. During clamping the workpiece is pulled against an integrated end stop, resulting in a pull-down effect so that the workpiece is always axially positioned in the same way. The collet is opened via the hydraulic cylinder of the machine; the opening is limited by a travel limiter integrated into the collet chuck. Placement of the collet must always be done when the collet is unclamped. This collet chuck is special in that the clamping force can be altered. The clamping force can be adjusted by turning all the adjustment pins. Adjustment of the clamping force must be done in clamped condition. This type of collet is suitable for mounting on machine spindles, especially multi-spindle automatic lathes for the processing of collet-chuck components. These chucks are individually altered to suit your requirements.

Facts and figures:

  • for draw-back collets with bayonet
  • collet quickly replaceable from the front
  • fixed end stop for workpieces
  • clamping via plate springs
  • hydraulic unclamping
  • various sizes and chucking ranges
  • adjustable clamping force
  • internal coolant feed

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailormade clamping devices for your requirements.