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Special collet chucks for draw-back collets pneumatic clamping, pressure springs

We manufacture special collet chucks for draw-back collets in all kinds of designs with various clamping ranges. The collet chuck consists of a chuck body with a cylindrical flange attachment.

For fixation of the collet, a clamping taper has been integrated into the chuck body. The draw-back collet is pulled inside the chuck body during clamping, resulting in a light axial movement at the workpiece in the direction of the spindle nose. For unclamping the pressure springs push the draw-back collet out of the fixture. The collet chuck is operated via a pneumatic cylinder.

The collet pictured here has a special and distinctive function: since this collet chuck is used in environments with sharply varying temperature fluctuations, during plasma wielding, it tends to corrode. To prevent this, the entire collet chuck has been coated with DNC, and cooling bores drilling into the chuck are used to permanently cool it with water.

The draw-back collet is a pure special collet with front part; the material of the collet is a special copper alloy, facilitating and improving heat conduction. Nann manufactures these collet chucks according to customer drawings or our own designs.

Facts and figures:

  • for draw-back collets
  • for spindles with rotating pneumatic cylinder
  • pressure springs for unclamping
  • various sizes and clamping ranges
  • cylindrical fixture

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailormade clamping devices for your requirements.