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Special collet chucks for draw-back collets power-operated collet chucks, two-parts

We manufacture special collet chucks for draw-back collets in all kinds of designs with different clamping ranges. The collet chuck consists of a two-parts chuck body.

The machine spindle takes any fixture; these collet chucks are mostly manufactured for machines with quick-release taper fixtures but can be produced at any time for other fixture types, such as HSK. The fixture can be extended forwards cylindrically. For fixation of the collet, a clamping sleeve is integrated into this cylindrical extension. This clamping sleeve is screwed onto the basic fixture via a cylindrical fixture with a flange. This enables the clamping sleeve to be aligned on the machine while being screwed, resulting in very high concentric accuracy during the use of suitable high-precision collets.

While being clamped by means of a drawback rod the draw-back collet is pulled inside the chuck body, resulting in a light axial movement at the workpiece in the direction of the spindle nose. During unclamping the clamping cylinder pushes the draw-back collet out of the fixture.

When ordering, please specify whether short workpieces are to be fed in from the front, so that the collet can be expanded, especially where automatic loading is involved.

These collet chucks are designed according to your requirements for standard or special collets depending on the application. Nann manufactures these collet chucks according to customer drawings or our own designs.

Facts and figures:

  • for draw-back collets
  • for high-precision collets
  • for spindles with rotating hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder
  • various sizes and chucking ranges
  • any fixtures

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailormade clamping devices for your requirements.