Special collet chucks HESK and HESK-R plate spring clamping

The proven collet clamping attachments type HESK and type HESK-R are suitable for numerous applications. Alongside the further development of these devices for collets with bayonet, Nann also develops special collet chucks on the basis of these devices. The collet chucks type HESK-R are frequently used for special applications.

We manufacture for you:

  • special collets for the standard devices
  • special devices with standard collets
  • special devices with special collets

Operating mode:
On the standard devices the clamping sleeve is designed as a double-function cylinder, and it opens and closes the collets respectively. The collets themselves have a shoulder on their shaft and are connected firmly to the collet clamping attachment by means of a nut. These devices can of course be specially designed to suit your applications on request wherever necessary. And with customized applications too, we guarantee you the usual high Nann quality and short delivery deadlines.

Facts and figures:

  • The collet is moved, the housing and the clamping sleeve are one unit, the clamping sleeve is fixed. This results in a pull-down effect that is required in numerous cases.
  • Clamping takes place via plate springs. This means that the device self-locks, and any drop in hydraulic pressure has no consequences.
  • hydraulic unclamping

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailormade clamping devices for your requirements.