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Spindle units for draw-back collets – plate spring clamping

This spindle unit works via plate spring clamping. The draw-back collet is drawn into the fixture by means of plate springs and thus closed. Unclamping is done mechanically, by relieving pressure on the collet by means of a lever. This lever is actuated via a short-stroke cylinder.

The spindle is located on three grooved ball bearings, one of the bearings is reworked to compensate axial play. The spindle is driven via a synchronizing disk with a toothed belt. The collet can only be unclamped while the spindle is in operation. The collet is secured against distortion inside its housing. The motor is supplied by Nann or mounted by the customer.

Facts and figures:

  • designed for draw-back collets
  • clamping via plate springs
  • mechanical unclamping
  • clamping pressure 6 bar
  • piston travel 3 mm
  • rotational speed max. 1200 rpm

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