Tool clamping special collets

Apart from a large number of standard collets in the tool clamping sector, Nann also offers many varied types of special collets. These special collets are manufactured to Nann designs as well as customers’ drawings.

We manufacture collets for tool clamping in stainless design or in other special materials. If required, the collets can also be coated.

One-sided or double-slit collets for workpiece clamping can be equipped with a front part. Note here that no high clamping forces can be transferred, especially if clamping does not take place along the full length of the clamping bore. If overly high clamping force is required, this could make the collet fracture at its front part. Naturally these collets are also available in shortened designs. Note that the number of slots on the collet may vary. Onesided slit collets for tool clamping can also be designed with end stops. To realize this, the bore on the rear side of the collet is freely ground so that a fixed or adjustable end stop can be integrated.

We will be glad to receive your suggestions in order to fine the best solution for your clamping problem. With these special solutions, too, we guarantee you the customary high Nann quality and short delivery times.

Facts and figures:

  • special collets based on of standard collets
  • pure special collets

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailormade clamping devices for your requirements.