Indexing units NT 11, 4-spindles

Based on the proven numerical indexing units of Type NT, we manufacture special indexing units specially for your application.

In the indexing unit type NT 11.4 pictured below with maximum height of 100 mm, four spindles are integrated into a combination housing. The spindles with a spindle distance of 88 mm lie on bearings at the front and back respectively on tapered roller bearings and are equipped in the front bearing housing with a slit and tapered clamping system. This clamping system can be actuated hydraulically and, in clamped condition, is connects the spindles firmly with the housing. Via a common worm shaft, the worm wheels of each spindle are driven synchronously. The position of the individual spindles relative to the others can be adjusted by altering the worm drive. Mounted on the common worm shaft is an incremental position encoder. The worm shaft is driven by a DC or AC motor. To establish the reference point, one of the spindles actuates a contactless limit switch. Because of the worm/ worm wheel gear reduction, the zero-mark on the incremental encoder normally corresponds to one spindle revolution depending on the gear reduction ratio (usually 1:72). A gear housing is screwed onto the housing of the indexing unit. The motor attached to it drives the worm shaft via a gear and thus the spindles as well. The shape and mounting location of the gear housing depends on the customer’s wishes. The housing of the indexing units, the gear housing and the connection chamber for the limit switch are filled with air. The spindles of the indexing unit are specially designed, and the indexing unit has no collet clamping.

We manufacture for you:

  • single- and multi-spindle indexing units
  • any spindle distances
  • worm drive
  • special spindle
  • with or without spindle clamping
  • any drive, e.g. Fanuc Servomotor
  • any mounting position of drive

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailormade clamping devices for your requirements.