Multiple clamping devices for draw-back collets, hydraulic

Nann manufactures multiple clamping devices with hydraulic actuation in different shapes for different chucking ranges. In the clamping fixture shown, 8 draw-back collets are arranged in one row and 16 draw-back collets in two rows of 8 collets respectively.

The housing is of high-strength aluminium, the clamping sleeves are of steel because of the high wear resistance and pressed into the housing.

The individual collets are drawn into the clamping sleeve by plate spring packs, which closes the collets and clamps the workpieces. Because of the integrated plate spring clamping, the multiple device is self-retaining. For unclamping the device is hydraulically actuated, the collets are pushed forward out of the clamping sleeve, and the workpieces can be removed. The clamping sleeve serves as a stationary end stop, and during clamping the workpieces are drawn onto the fl at surface of the clamping sleeve because of the pull-down effect. This means that all the workpieces in clamped condition have the same position in the axial direction.

To mount the collet, the clamping sleeves have to be in their front position, i.e. the one in which the collet is opened. Then the collet can be pushed into the clamping sleeve and screwed in.

Facts and figures:

  • for draw-back collets
  • hydraulic actuation
  • plate spring clamping
  • self-locking
  • with pull-down effect
  • clamping pressure max. 80 bar
  • various sizes and clamping ranges

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide tailormade clamping devices for your requirements.